Summer Internship Program

Summer Internship in Metro Denver Area of Colorado: Unpaid, but student will receive substantial training and will be the co-author, and possibly, sole author, of several articles that will be published in the summer and fall:

Areas of Responsibility:

1. Serve as liaison between our nonprofit, THE LEEEGH, which stands for Leadership in Education, Energy, Environment, Governance and Health, our for profit consulting firm, Herb Rubenstein Consulting, and several organizations in the Denver Metro area including:

  1. Rocky Mountain Institute
  2. NREL
  3. The Collaboratory (CSU, NREL, MINES, CU-Boulder)
  4. Governor’s Energy Office
  5. Western Governor’s Association
  6. US Department of Energy – Golden Office
  7. US Environmental Protection Agency – Denver Regional Office
  8. Colorado Oil and Gas Commission
  9. Colorado Public Utilities Commission
  10. Bell Policy Center
  11. Western Area Power Administration
  12. ACTION/VISTA/Americorps
  13. Colorado Education Association
  14. CleenLaunch Business Incubator at NREL
  15. Molson Brewing
  16. UC Boulder Engineering Department
  17. Lockheed Martin Center for Engineering Management, UC Boulder
  18. GEM Program, UC Denver
  19. Vestas
  20. RES
  21. ConocoPhllips
  22. DCP Midstream
  23. Encana
  24. Abingoa Solar
  25. AB2e – Algae Fuels
  26. Xcel
  27. TriState Generation
  28. CSU – EnviroTech
  29. CSU – Executive MBA and potential future program called “Energy and Leadership”
  30. El Pomar Foundation
  31. Daniels Fund
  32. Anschutz Family Foundation
  33. Gates Family Foundation (Gates Rubber)
  34. Xcel Foundation
  35. Qwest (now Liberty) Foundation
  36. Encana
  37. ProLogis
  38. Denver Foundation
  39. Rose Community Foundation
  40. Comcast
  41. Molson Coors/Adolph Coors Foundation
  42. Western Union Foundation
  43. Boettcher Foundation
  44. Colorado Legacy Foundation
  45. Louise and Harold Price Foundation
  46. Piton Foundation
  47. Colorado Association of Funders
  48. Donnell-Kay Foundation
  49. Colorado School of Mines
  50. Denver Chapter, American Academy of Family Physicians
  51. Founder’s Network – Monthly Meetup
  52. Denver Chapter – Association for Strategic Planning
  53. Energy Finance Discussion Group
  54. Colorado Energy News
  55. Denver Business Journal
  56. Alliance for A Sustainable Colorado
  57. Colorado Renewable Energy Society
  58. CORE
  59. iCAST
  60. American Solar Energy Society
  61. Product Development Management Association
  62. SCIP
  63. Others to be determined

To apply for an internship send a resume, plus cover letter to:

The responsibilities will be to create a file (electronic and paper) for each organization, become familiar with their mission and activities, attend events at the respective organizations when invited, prepare memos on the potential for a relationship between THE LEEEGH, HRC and these organizations, and when allowed, interview officials at these organizations to find out what are the main issues of concern to them and the activities they are undertaking over the next year. There will be no selling of LEEEGH or HRC services. The role will be one of Ambassador or liaison to let the organization know about us and to learn more about the organization so that in the future some forms of strategic alliances could be created.

The work would be 20 – 40 hours per week depending on the schedule of the intern. The student would work virtually and meetings would be held in Golden at least weekly to go over progress and writing opportunities.

To apply for an internship send a resume, plus cover letter to:

Internship Program


Herb Rubenstein Consulting is where business and education come together to create the future. We promise every student intern more work than they can complete, and the guidance to know how to conclude a project to leave them enough time to make “A’s” in their classes. We don’t demand excellence from our interns. We merely support it and help our interns get accustomed to producing it day in and day out for Herb Rubenstein Consulting and our clients.

Herb Rubenstein Consulting has one of the finest internship programs in the business consulting world. In general, our internships are unpaid and last for a summer, or for one, two or three semesters in a given school year. Interns can be high school students through Ph.D students in such fields as:

  • Accounting
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Business
  • Change Management
  • Communications
  • Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence
  • Economics
  • Education (Students studying to be teachers or Administrators)
  • Engineering
  • English (we love great writers)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Policy
  • Finance
  • Government or Political Science
  • Health Care Administration
  • Human Resources
  • Information Management and Information Science
  • Innovation
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • International Business
  • Knowledge Management
  • Library Science
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics (Applied)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Public Policy
  • Sales
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Social Studies
  • Solar and Wind technologies
  • Venture Capital and Capital Acquisition
  • Website Design and Implementation
  • Web 2.0 Communication and Marketing Strategies

In some cases, our internships will be paid at the going rate for your school and your level at the school. We pay interns when they can be place on work where our clients pay us to do the work.

We work with every intern to:

  1. Have an excellent, useful learning experience
  2. Develop new skills that will help them find and keep a job
  3. Learn solid work habits
  4. Improve their writing and analytical skills
  5. Attend business meetings and public meetings on our behalf
  6. Write articles so they are published on the web or in print

Sometimes we will post “Internship Job Descriptions. We will always have internship opportunities, so please apply if you are interested in the work that we do and the clients that we serve.

Several open positions for summer 2012 and beyond include:


Herb Rubenstein Consulting, a Colorado consulting firm specializing in business and public policy planning, was launched in 2008. Four internships that will last from May 2012 through August 2012, the school year of 2012-2013, are described below. The work has flexible hours of about 5-10 hours a week. Job duties may vary over time. School work shall always take priority over internship work. Since these jobs will include helping do outreach, website work (creating Facebook pages, LinkedIn Groups, MySpace, office work, and attending some meetings either in person or virtually, good presentation and writing skills are desirable. There is the potential for helping to write articles where you will be listed as a co-author when the articles are published.

Also, the student should know how to use MSWord, Excel, PowerPoint, and be able to learn other programs including VISIO and Outlook to keep track of numerous appointments and meeting schedules. All of these internships offer learning how to organize key aspects of a new business, consulting, improving businesses, and meeting great people.

Please send resume and/or letter explaining your qualifications and interest in these positions. Please send all material to Herb Rubenstein at and put INTERNSHIP in the subject line in all caps. If you have any questions regarding the position call Herb Rubenstein Consulting at 303-279-1878. If you do not have transportation, you should still apply and a job description can be developed that you can perform.

Administrative Assistant for New Company – Herb Rubenstein Consulting

  1. Assist in the development of an overall outreach plan to alert the public of the upcoming launch of our company. Work with a marketing expert.
  2. Add to our website on a regular basis.
  3. Open files for new clients and keep all files organized.
  4. Attend meetings with clients and write up results of meeting.
  5. Gather biographical data and photos of all consultants and place this on website.
  6. Conduct research on other consulting firms.
  7. Send out daily emails to our consulting network.
  8. Build email lists and manage email distribution of our newsletter.
  9. Answer the phone, check messages, return phone calls, and prepare general correspondence, answer emails, when in the office.
  10. Help organize meetings of our consultants.

Outreach Coordinator

  1. Send promotional materials to potential clients and clients about the company.
  2. Send out articles for publication and track their publication.
  3. Assist in managing the speaker’s bureau.
  4. Help development and implement an outreach plan to alert the public about HRC.
  5. Serve as a public relations representative of Herb Rubenstein Consulting.
  6. Help promote awareness of Sustainable Business Group.
  7. Help company search for office space.
  8. Help develop “card game” that will help businesses (concept is already developed)
  9. Develop Excel Data Base on potential clients.
  10. Help manage referral network and keep track of their activities.

Research Assistant

  1. Conduct web based research for articles and draft memos on findings.
  2. Conduct web based research for client matters and draft memos on findings.
  3. Conduct research for new book, Leadership for Educators.
  4. Conduct Google research on people of interest to the company and write up results.
  5. Conduct research on potential clients.
  6. Conduct research and develop list of potential places for publication of articles.
  7. Co-author articles and speeches.
  8. Help create and manage “Knowledge Management System” documenting the skills and knowledge of each consultant and put findings of all client work into the Knowledge Management System.
  9. Read books and write book reviews.

Assistant Project Manager

  1. Implement project management system for each project, keeping track of deadlines, deliverables, progress, challenges.
  2. Help consultants deliver projects on time and on budget.
  3. Help keep track of expenses for each project and compare to budgeted amount.
  4. Serve as a resource person on all projects.
  5. Assist the Director of Operations with managing the company.
  6. Work with staff to develop project framework for all internal (non-client) activities and track all projects.
  7. Help send out bills to all clients, make deposits, and monitor payments.
  8. Help coordinate setting up of meetings with clients, potential clients, etc.
  9. Other duties to be assigned.


Herb Rubenstein Consulting, a Colorado consulting firm, was incorporated in , 2008. The firm has approximately 30 consultants, including two former McKinsey consultants, working on a virtual basis working on contracts in the areas of:

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Leadership Development and Training
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Human Capital Analytics
  • Securing Capital for Companies
  • Organizational Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Marketing
  • Economic Analysis of New Technologies

The company has a 91 page business plan that is available for any intern, or teams of interns, or faculty member involved in the internship process, to review. Management of the company is now seeking office space downtown that will be referred to as the “Center for the Future of Business.” The company’s principals have three books on business, entrepreneurship, and leadership, have taught entrepreneurship and in MBA programs at five universities, and have supervised in their careers over 200 interns in situations where the students received college credit and in situations where the students did not.

This document includes descriptions for four possible internship teams working in four areas. It is the goal of Herb Rubenstein Consulting (HRC) that these internship teams work on a pro bono basis since they will be working primarily on key internal capacity building aspects of HRC itself, plus receive a substantial amount of education and training from the consultants of the HRC through on-the-job training. HRC will make the commitment that if any intern or any internship team works on client matters for which HRC is compensated, HRC will pay the interns a reasonable hourly wage for their time on the client matters. In addition, HRC will give substantial preference to the interns that perform well in their winter semester internship for paid summer internships and internships for the following year in the fall. Ideally the internships will begin when classes resume in January and continue for the full semester at a rate of 5-10 hours a week per person on the team. Teams can range from 1 to 4 students, and some of the teams could actually be performed well by one person.

The four internship teams would tackle the following four key areas of capacity building that are both internal to Herb Rubenstein Consulting, and relevant to our client base.

To apply for an internship send a resume, plus cover letter to: